This Indie Life follows the journey of two indie hackers, James McKinven and Dagobert Renouf, as we navigate the good, the bad and the ugly, attempting to turn our indie hacker dreams into reality.

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8: What happens when the sales slow down?

The black friday bonanza is slowing so both James and Dago have to figure out what to do next. Our dopamine levels are out of whack but we need to do something to pay ...

7: $2k wallet sales; $5k course sales in a day

James has had a massive week making £1,600 in a day selling leather wallets, Dago has success with black friday sales and we finally get to the bottom of how you prono...

6: Doubt and imposter syndrome

Dago's feeling good and has splashed the cash on some new tech, while James has an existential crisis about what he wants to do with his life.

5: $16k course launch, but sad? Is going viral worth it?

Dago is now rich. By rich I mean he can now eat for 3 months before having to do it all again. James goes viral when his cat tries to wreck his $1,500 monitor but all ...

4: Deadlines, disagreements and launches

Dago and I both struggle through deadlines for different reasons, we disagree again (but it comes from a good place) and I find out that Dago doesn't consume any conte...

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