10: Profit vs revenue and AI logo generators

James figures out he made $0 profit on his wallet sales because he can't stop buying stuff and Dago is on the verge of embracing AI.
In this episode Dago ponders how AI will affect his logo business and is thinking of moving to another part of the country to help his indie hacking. I have a battle with the UK postal service who decided not to ship wallets to customers and find out how much profit I made on the £5k of leather wallet sales in December.
Dago updates/reflections
  • product update: A.I logo get me anxious / back in hardcore work mode
  • reflecting on the journey: audience first approach is 10x more genius. deeper than “listen to customers”
  • meme: 0 paying users from december 16th
  • personal: britany move
James updates/reflections
10: Profit vs revenue and AI logo generators
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