11: Burnout and bifolds

Dago pauses from Twitter as he approaches burnout while James gets out of his post-christmas slump.
Dago talks about his impromptu Twitter hiatus and shares some nuggets of wisdom from his course, James is back on his feet after a down period after selling some bi-fold wallets on Twitter and tries to convince Dago why he should exercise.
Dago updates/reflections
  • Taken a break from tweeting
  • Not feeling "in the game"
  • Should you put links in your tweets?
  • I don't understand why people exercise
James updates/reflections
  • Started making and selling bi-fold wallets
  • Difference in my mood with money vs without
  • Good week for habits - getting up early
  • Update on client pod - breaking records
  • A few new potential clients

11: Burnout and bifolds
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