12: Dago gets into debt

Dago has been so inspired by my debt experience, he wanted some for himself.
In this episode Dago gets himself into debt, only works 19 hours in a week, and enjoys using AI. Will we get the old Dago back, who knows? Meanwhile I manage to publish an episode of Indie Bites with my leather man, increase my prices despite my reservations and am about to hit a big milestone for the month.
Dago updates/reflections
  • Dug into a.i for Logology
  • Logology customer research
  • I could literally not do anything else but tweet and we would be good
  • Preparing the move: buy a car (aka get into debt)
James updates/reflections
  • Indie Bites episode published with my wallet man
  • Grateful to Sam and Daniel on twitter who have been very helpful in the DMs
  • Grateful to James Sowers for being a wonderful client
  • Finally shot and uploaded the new pictures of the wallets
  • Raised the prices!
  • Met up with a man in person and sold him a wallet
  • Approaching 1k in sales for the month
  • Plans for TikTok content next week
12: Dago gets into debt
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